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Malcolm Singleton Photography

'Modern Photography with a hint of Tradition'


Elevated Property Photographs

Our telescopic mast, supporting the camera, extends to a maximum 15 Meters giving an ideal viewpoint for portraying properties of depth or a fantastic aspect, for both commercial and residential properties.

A series of images are taken. Once the images have been taken, discs are generally available within 2 working days.

High-resolution images are supplied on two discs - one for the Estate Agent and one for the client

Prices start from £145 for a property photographed from a one position, for additional positions of the same property add £25 per different viewpoint.

Travelling expenses will apply to assignments over 20 miles from Darlington.

Assignments can be arranged through the estate agent and then I will liaise with the client, on your behalf, to arrange a suitable day for the photo-shoot, weather permitting.